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Sleeping issues can be debilitating. The more tired you get the less you feel able to solve the problem. Perhaps you don't want to leave your baby to cry or don't know how to get your older child in their own bed. You may have tried all the books and advice and just feel exhausted.


From breast-feeding and bottle feeding through to the teenage years, children can have difficulties around food. Usually the problem with food is a communication about something else and it can be hard to understand what your child needs to happen next.

Separation Anxiety

Babies, children and young people can experience separation anxiety and difficulties around attachment can impact on every area of their life. Attachment difficulties can make all transitions difficult and you may find your child is struggling with settling into nursery or school because they are upset by the separation.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Feeling confident and having high self-esteem can help all children and young people get the most out of life. You might be worried about your child's friendships or feel they are holding themselves back from new experiences. You might be concerned about how things are going at school or your child may have begun to avoid situations that make them feel anxious.

Loss and Change

Children can be resilient but sometimes they need adult help to process change. You may be facing a change in your family and be worried about how your child will cope and you may want some help to prepare your child. Your child may have experienced a loss that they are having difficulty coming to terms with.

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