How will the 6 Week Child Change help my baby to sleep?

How will the 6 Week Child Change help your baby to sleep? Over the 6 weeks you and your baby will have a 50 minute appointment with me once a week at my peaceful consulting room in the center of Bradford on Avon. Consulting space

During the 6 weeks, using infant observation, movement analysis, developmental theories, what you tell me, and 10 years clinical experience working with babies, children and families, I will get to know your baby. Your baby will tell me how they feel and their life experiences up to now through the way he or she moves, how they feel in their body, how they feed, how they sleep, how they interact with you and how they play. Working with you I will get to know your hopes for your baby’s sleep and we will follow your instinct. There will be a reason why your baby is having trouble sleeping and over the 6 weeks I will get to what that problem is, this usually happens within the first 2 weeks and the following weeks are about resolving things and finding ways of approaching sleep that work well for your baby.

Over the 6 weeks I will create a dynamic plan for you and your baby that you will follow at home in between sessions. It will be specifically made just for you and your baby and we will review and update it during sessions to respond to your baby’s changes over the 6 weeks. After every weekly session you will receive a written summary of what has happened and will be given advice to follow during the week to keep supporting your baby to sleep well.

Importantly, your weekly sessions will provide your baby a space to begin to resolve what the problem is and I will work with you and your baby in doing that. During the sessions we will talk, play, perhaps use props, maybe music and sound. It doesn’t matter if your baby needs to feed during the session and it doesn’t matter if your baby sleeps during the session, this all provides me with rich information about how your baby feels and what they want. So during the weekly sessions we will be working together on what the problem is while following and creating a plan to put the learning into practice.

Then there is the support for you. You can add on support packages for any transitional nights or additional support if you feel you need it. I will work with you to follow your instinct and encourage you to know that you can give your baby exactly what they need to help them find sleep easier.

With the 6 Week Child Change you are working with a professional with a wide range of expertise and this matters because sometimes there are surrounding issues that need unpicking too. For example, you may realise your baby started having difficulty with sleeping after a disruption in feeding and so you need a professional who will work with you on feeding too. Or perhaps you may wonder if a traumatic birth has impacted on your baby and so you need a therapist who can work with trauma as well as sleep.

Sometimes parents worry about what I will think about the routines and methods they have developed with their baby in a bid to get them to sleep. Over 10 years I have heard pretty much everything and I know how desperate parents get when they are sleep deprived. By the time parents come to me they have had many miserable weeks, months or sometimes years. So don’t let what has already happened get in the way of what can happen next, everyone can have a fresh start in life, even a small baby!

If you are interested in finding out more and are worried about your baby’s sleep please get in touch for a free consultation. If you don’t live anywhere near Bradford on Avon, don’t worry there are ways around this so please do still get in touch.

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