How it works 6 Week Child Change


The Programme

The 6 Week Child Change is a 6 week therapeutic programme created specifically for you to bring about the changes you need with your child. From the moment you start working with me I will hold your problem with you for 6 weeks. The programme works like this;

  • A free initial phone consultation
  • 6 consecutive 50 minute sessions including an assessment, with me and your child/children/partner/family.
  • Weekly sessions may include play, movement, props, talking and art.
  • A written summary following each session for you to keep and refer to.
  • A personalised programme designed for you and your child with tasks to complete in between sessions and practical guidance.
  • Additional support on transition days or nights if requested by phone, skype or in person
  • Joined up support with school or nursery as requested.
  • Signposing onto other agencies if needed.
  • Access to longer term work if required.
  • Ending meeting without children present to close the work.
  • Follow up phone call 6 weeks later.

The Approach

The 6 Week Child Change is entirely child-led, it doesn't 'train' babies or children to do what parents want and the childs happiness and security is at the centre of the work at all times. When parents 'train' their children it comes with tears and parental guilt and usually the changes are short term or come at too high a cost. With this approach there is no crying at night, peeling your child off you at daycare or complicated routines. When babies and children become stuck, seem unhappy and resist change it is always a communication of an unmet need. Once you have got to the bottom of what your child is trying to communicate and meet the unmet needs your child or baby will be able to move on. It is not always easy to understand what your child needs to move on because children and babies do not think, process or communciate like adults and sometimes adults find it hard to hear what children are trying to communicate because they are tired and frustrated and just want things to change now.

The 6 Week Child Change is an outcomes-led therapuetic programme which uses psychodynamic, attachment, movement and play based developmental theories. In this way you can come to understand what your child is communicating and how your ways of relating may promote a deeper understanding and change. The 6 Week Child Change then puts the therapuetic progress into practice and action through practical support and guidance to bring about change for everyone.